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ISPs Now Monitoring for Copyright Infringement

The nation’s major internet service providers on Monday said they are beginning to roll out an initiative to disrupt internet access for online copyright scofflaws.

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EFF on Leaked TPP IP Chapter – ISPs As Copyright Cops

The draft chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement on Intellectual Property’as of its current leaked version [PDF Scoop copy tpp10feb2011ustextiprchapter.pdf ], article 16?insists that signatories provide legal incentives for Internet Service Providers to privately enforce copyright protection rules.

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Piracy: film industry will get its pound of flesh

Predictably, a proposal by five big ISPs to counteract the downloading of copyrighted material in Australia has not found favour with the copyright holders.

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ISPs Can’t Be Forced to Filter Web Content, EU Court Finds

A European court has found that content holders cannot require Internet service providers to filter out pirated material.

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Google, Tech Giants, Free Speech Advocates Oppose House Online Piracy Bill

The House Judiciary Committee conducted a hearing on the Stop Online Piracy Bill, which would grant ISPs and government lawyers unprecedented power to censor the Internet.

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ISPs adopt copyright alert framework

Last week, a group of ISPs and content organizations in the US announced a new common framework? for dealing with alleged copyright infringement without requiring ISPs to switch off service for suspected infringers, but critics say the framework keeps service cut-off firmly on the table by invoking existing laws that holds ISPs legally liable for user behavior. (5 hours ago)

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Pirates Beware, ISPs Agree to Copyright Alert System

A coalition of copyright holders and ISPs like Comcast and Verizon have signed up for the “Copyright Alert System,” which will provide notices to consumers if their ISP suspects there is illegal downloading going on. (12 hours ago)

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