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Apple, Ravensburger, General Mills: Intellectual Property

Apple Inc. , the maker of the iPad and iPod, has received a U.S. patent on virtual page turning. Patent D670,713, which was issued Nov. 13, is a design patent.

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Who owns your digital music library if you break or lose an iPod or laptop?

Millions of music and book lovers regularly download digital files such as songs by chart-topper Rita Ora. But do they really own them? And what happens if a laptop containing a valuable record collection is stolen?

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Say Cheese! Facebook Camera Is Here

New app for iPhone and iPod Touch gives Facebook's arsenal an Instagram touch-up.

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Apple wins 27 new patents for iOS, Apple TV and more

Apple has been granted even more new patents. This time, the US Patent and Trademark Office has published 27 new patents, involving the Apple TV, new icons, the camera on iOS devices, the iPod’s user interface and more.

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Apple App Store hits 25 billion downloads for iPhone, iPad, iPod apps

Apple apps hit milestone of 25 billion apps downloaded from Apple’s App Store more than three for every person on the planet.

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Get ready for the Apple Treadmill?

Forget the Apple iTV there might be an Apple-branded treadmill in the works. At least that’s the thrust of a patent the company applied for, which involves a sports equipment apparatus? with smart components to let it interface with an iPod or iPhone.

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Apple “Hydrogen-fuel Battery” May Keep Future iPhones, iPads and Macbooks Powered for Weeks

Technology giant Apple’s products are well known for design and functionality but Apple fans have an age-old wish – a better battery life. And, this wish could be fulfilled soon as Apple is developing a battery that will run on hydrogen-fuel, a battery that can keep all portable Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod and Macbook powered, not for days, but for weeks.

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