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Apple patents 3-sensor, 3-lens camera

Expect future iPhones and iPads to have enhanced photo capabilities as Apple has patented a three-sensor, three-lens setup for cameras in mobile devices.

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Invisible buttons on your iPhone? Apple just patented it

Future iPhones and iPads may soon sport invisible buttons and slider controls, after Apple Inc. was granted patents for such features, an Apple enthusiast site reported.

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Apple Patents Squeeze Sensitive Device Housings That Could Be Used In Future iPhones And iPads

Apple received a patent from the USPTO today that describes a technology that would allow device casings to employ a combination of pressure and capacitive sensitivity to detect input. At the very least, the tech could be used to map functions like those Apple currently assigns to the home, power and volume buttons to areas of an iPhone or iPad's bezel.

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Apple Sued Over Deal Locking iPhone To AT&T Network

Plaintiffs claim the company violated the Sherman Act and Digital Millennium Copyright Act by not obtaining customers' permission to have their iPhones locked to AT&T's network.

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What is DMCA?: iPhone Jailbreaking May Become Illegal

For those enterprising individuals who enjoy tinkering with their tech, you should know DMCA protections are set to expire for jailbreaking iPhones, and that means it could become illegal. Jailbreaking any device would be copyright infringement under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act that was passed in the U.S. in 1998.

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iPods, iPads and iPhones of the future to be solar-powered?

A list of patents released September 20 revealed that Apple has been granted its second solar power patent of 2011, suggesting that the company could one day begin manufacturing solar-powered, portable devices.

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Apple ICloud: How Do You Stay Secure with This Thing?

Memo to IT departments that were caught flat-footed when people started bringing their iPhones to work: You’d better get ready for the iCloud. (3 mins ago)

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