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iPad Falls Short as Creation Tool Without Coding Apps

If Steve Jobs wants the world to see the iPad as a creation tool, Apple needs to deliver some tablet apps for making programs. (21 hours ago)

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Teen Tech Week takes over library

FARMINGTON iPod, iPad, MP3, Twitter, captcha, and Skype just a few terms that have crept into the vocabulary of today’s teenagers. (15 mins ago)

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What you need to know about the iPad 2

CNET has put together this FAQ on the iPad 2 to serve a quick guide on the new features and capabilities of the new tablet. Originally posted at Signal Strength (51 secs ago)

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Secret Details of HP’s iPad-Killer Leaked

HP is not happy about the leaked images of its rumored iPad competitor. On Tuesday development teams had an emergency meeting to remind employees that leaking company documents and information on top secret projects is grounds for termination. (7 hours ago)

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Fuze Box Puts Hd Video Into Meetings

Fuze Meeting has added video to its collaboration software. This capability will be extended to the company’s iPad and Android applications in January. (24 mins ago)

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Apple Takes a Swipe at Motorola With Touchscreen Patent Suit

Apple has struck back at Motorola in the ever-widening smartphone technology patent wars, accusing the Illinois corporation of violating its touchscreen and other patents with several of its Android-based phones. The lawsuit comes less than a month after Motorola sued Apple over claims the Cupertino, Calif., company used technology based on Motoroloa patents in the iPhone, iPad and other devices. (1 day ago)

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