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Intel: Ultrabooks Offer More Choice, Better Value Than MacBook Air or iPad

In an interview with PCWorld, Intel officials call Ultrabooks more useful for real work than iPads, and a better value than laptops such as the MacBook Air. Plus, they reveal what's ahead for Ultrabooks in 2012 and 2013.

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Apple's New Ipad Clears China's Regulatory Hurdle

Apple stills faces a trademark dispute over the iPad name in the country

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Remains of the Day: Twitter Ads Expand, Become More Targeted [For What It's Worth]

Forwhatitsworth Twitter gives advertisers more reach, the new iPad handles iPhone graphics better than previous models, and Google takes a stand against the MPAA's reading of the DMCA in a file hosting case. More »

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Proview Shenzhen asks China distributors to halt iPad sales

HONG KONG – Proview Technology, which is battling Apple over the iPad trademark in China, has asked Chinese distributors to stop selling the popular tablet PC after the U.S. technology giant launched the latest version of its iPad.

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New iPad Could Cause Corporate Network Crunch

The new Apple iPad will likely entice millions of buyers. That makes life tricky for IT admins.

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Apple App Store hits 25 billion downloads for iPhone, iPad, iPod apps

Apple apps hit milestone of 25 billion apps downloaded from Apple’s App Store more than three for every person on the planet.

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Apple Shares Rise Despite Proview’s iPad Trademark Suit

Shares of Apple rose more than $5 Friday to $521.86 despite a lawsuit by a Chinese company alleging it had used false statements? to obtain rights to the name iPad.

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