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Gadgetwise Blog: Q&A: Using Skype or FaceTime

Microsoft’s Skype service and Apple’s FaceTime system both allow users to make free video calls, and you can use both programs on an iPad.        

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More than 1,100 apply for Apple position in the UAE

Those of you who have dreamed of landing a job with the maker of the Mac, the iPhone and the iPad are in luck – Apple are hiring in the UAE.

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Adobe looking to bring Lightroom app to iPad and Android tablets

Adobe has plans for a new application for tablets that will effectively be its Lightroom for portable devices, offering the ability to process RAW images to professional photographers on the go.

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Apple seeks patent for solar-powered device

Will the next iPhone, iPad or iPod touch be able to charge itself with solar power? This was suggested in a patent application made by Apple before the US Patent and Trademark Office for an integrated touch sensor and solar assembly.

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Fanbois rejoice: iPhone 5, iPad Mini finally jailbroken

All devices running iOS 6 set free at last After a long wait almost six months a jailbreak method for iOS 6 is finally available, allowing the iPhone 5, the iPad Mini, and the fifth-generation iPod Touch to join the jailbreak party for the first time.?

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Apple, Burger King, Toys R? Us: Intellectual Property

Apple Inc. , the maker of the iPhone and the iPad, is seeking a patent on a technology that can help prevent distracted driving by users of mobile devices.

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Apple to return some Mac production to US in 2013

Apple makes the majority of its products, from Macs to the iPhone and iPad, in China, the world's factory floor for electronics.

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