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Google sues BT in UK and US over alleged patent infringement

Google has accused the UK's largest telecommunications provider BT of infringing its rights in relation to four patents the internet giant owns.

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Google+, developers hope to revolutionize video chat with new 'Hangouts' apps

As Google on Wednesday launches the first half-dozen apps for the 'Hangouts' video chat feature of Google+, the Internet giant hopes to increase the time people spend on the social network and create a popular platform that will ultimately grow to of hundreds of video apps, or more.

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BuySAFE Sues Google for Patent Infringement

BuySAFE is suing Google, claiming that the new Google Trusted Stores program infringes BuySAFE’s patent. It’s not the first time the company filed a lawsuit against an Internet giant – in 2006, BuySAFE filed a lawsuit against eBay for trademark infringement.

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Yahoo for Sale: Big Bidders Circling — Including Marc Andreessen — as Board Pressure Mounts

A range of major players interested in acquiring all or a large piece of Yahoo have been prepping possible bids and have been in touch with the Internet giant’s board over the last several days.

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Google shows off three-wheeled Street View trike

Make way for the Google trike. The Internet giant showed off the three-wheeled addition to its popular Street View function in downtown Toronto. (45 mins ago)

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Google loses Linux patent lawsuit, pointing up vulnerability for Android

Google has lost a high-stakes lawsuit in Texas that is raising sharp concern that the Internet giant could face more such claims. (8 mins ago)

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New Study Shows How Google Aids Mortgage Rescue Ripoffs Prompting Consumer Watchdog to Call for FTC to Intervene

WASHINGTON, Feb. 10, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Google has become a leading purveyor of ads by scammers who prey on struggling homeowners, according to a study released today by Consumer Watchdog, and the nonpartisan, nonprofit public interest group has asked the Federal Trade Commission to stop the Internet giant from hosting the ads. (3 days ago)

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