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Today is Internet Freedom Day

Remember the Stop Online Privacy and Protect IP Acts, better known as SOPA/PIPA? It was a year ago that thousands of websites like Wikipedia, Reddit, and Boing Boing went dark to demonstrate what could happen were the acts to pass.

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Obama Helps Hollywood: Aggressive Ip Policy Aids Entertainment Industry

On Aug. 28, the Republican Party announced it had included language about Internet freedom and intellectual property protection in its 2012 platform, becoming the first major party to do so.

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Google Appeases Hollywood But Rankles Internet Freedom Watchers

Google's nod to Hollywood with its decision to demote in its search results sites accused of copyright infringement raises questions about fairness and the ability of suspected violators to challenge the move.

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Anonymous threatens Sony over PS3 jailbreak lawsuits

Anonymous has set its cites on Sony, claiming its lawsuits against the PS3 jailbreakers constitutes “unforgivable offense against free speech and internet freedom.” (1 hour ago)

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