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Neptune ups ante by filing unfair trade complaint against krill competitors

In another busy day in the ongoing struggle among krill oil suppliers over IP protection, a trade complaint was filed, this time with the International Trade Commission, and the re-examination of a patent passed a procedural benchmark that one company said was tantamount to that patent’s dismissal.

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Samsung seeks U.S. sales ban on some Ericsson products

SEOUL: Samsung Electronics said on Wednesday it had filed a complaint against Ericsson with the US International Trade Commission , requesting a US import ban and sales ban on some of the Swedish telecoms equipment maker's products.

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US ITC judge rules against Motorola in dispute with Apple

An administrative law judge at the U.S. International Trade Commission has ruled that Apple did not violate a Motorola Mobility patent relating to a sensor controlled user interface for a portable communication device.

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ITC launches patent investigation against Amazon, Samsung and others

IDG News Service – The U.S. International Trade Commission said Tuesday it had launched an investigation into wireless consumer electronics devices and components from 13 top technology companies and their subsidiaries, including Samsung, Acer, and Nintendo, for alleged infringement of a patent.

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Apple win in patent fight with Android phone maker is limited

A ruling by the U.S. International Trade Commission that HTC violated one of Apple’s patents will have little effect on the Android phone maker’s business. But other patent fights ahead could reshape the landscape. Apple Inc. has persuaded federal authorities to ban U.S. sales of some Google-powered Android phones that unlawfully use iPhone-like features.

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Apple Draws First Blood in HTC Patent Spar

The U.S. International Trade Commission on Friday made an initial ruling that Taipei-based HTC is in violation of two of Apple’s patents. The ruling, which stems from a complaint Apple filed in March 2010, relate to the way operating systems work on Android-run mobile devices. News of the ruling caused HTC stock to take a 4 percent tumble in Taipei trading Monday. (14 mins ago)

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Apple files patent complaint against HTC with ITC

Apple has filed another complaint against HTC with the U.S. International Trade Commission, alleging patent infringement by the Taiwanese smartphone and tablet maker. (2 mins ago)

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