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Is This Apple Abusing The Patent System Or The Uspto Abusing It?

I'm struggling to work out whether this is Apple abusing the US patent system or it's the US Patent and Trademarks Office that is doing so. It might even be that neither are but I'm pretty sure that the original intention of the system wasn't that someone could gain a patent on turning a page in an e-book. At the very least this flags up that we rather need to change how the patent system works.

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Megaupload Is Dead. Long Live Mega!

They’ve been indicted by the U.S. government for conspiracy and briefly thrown in jail, but Kim Dotcom and his partners in the digital storage locker Megaupload have no intention of quitting the online marketplace.

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Shopping Cart Monitoring – Avoid Lost Sales When You Monitor Your Shopping Cart for Availability

Shopping cart monitoring is important in today’s online retail society because many times people do not understand the concept of an online shopping cart (which is ironic because many American consumers certainly understand what a real shopping cart feels like with plenty of objects inside the cart!).

Monitor your online shopping cart for availability with ChangeDetect.

Online retailers must be able to monitor online shopping carts because they must be aware of any potential technical issues that may arise because of shopping cart failures. These online shopping carts could cause errors for the consumer, could cause errors for the company or could cause potential litigation for everyone involved in the fracas.

One example where shopping cart monitoring could be important is at an online retail store, where many people add, remove and purchase items from a shopping cart every day. The idea of a shopping cart is that people will temporarily select items that they may have intention of buying and virtually place them in a “shopping cart”, which would the same thing as in real life placing an item off of the shelf and into your shopping cart.

By monitoring their personal online shopping cart, consumers can become aware of the potential error of adding more than one of the same item into the cart. While a company would probably like a consumer buying two of one item, the company probably will not see this happen because consumers are becoming more and more aware of shopping cart monitoring.

Instead, companies should monitor online shopping carts in order to place the correct order for a company. For example, if a customer orders one of a particular item, the company should make sure that they do not send more than one particular type of that item, otherwise the inventory level for that item will be incorrect and will cause major bookkeeping problems for the company.

Shopping cart monitoring is important because a company should keep track of their assets at all times. Finally, there is also the potential for litigation in case shopping cart monitoring is not put in place. For example, if a customer and a company disagree on the cost or amount of products that were placed in a shopping cart and there is no proof of shopping cart history due to shopping cart monitoring, then there is the potential for lost business or even potential litigation if the value inside the cart is of high value.

Shopping cart monitoring is important for every online retail business.

Sign up now free and start monitoring your shopping cart.

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Fakieh says no move to abolish sponsorship law

DAMMAM: Labor Minister Adel Fakieh said on Wednesday his ministry has no intention of making any radical changes to the current kafeel system and that no decision has yet been made in this respect. (2 mins ago)

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OMNOVA Solutions Announces Intention to Acquire Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer Eliokem International From AXA

FAIRLAWN, Ohio, September 22, 2010 – Significantly increases OMNOVA´s total size and scale to sales of over US$1 billion and Adjusted EBITDA of US$129 million, based on last twelve months through May 2010. – Enhances (5 mins ago)

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