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Oscars: A Guide to Best Picture Intellectual Property Litigation

The Most Litigated Picture award would almost certainly go either to 'Gone with the Wind' or 'Titanic.'

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Intellectual Property vital to Asean: WIPO

SINGAPORE: With the Asean Economic Community likely to result in an increase in intra-Asean trade due to the removal of tariff and non-tariff barriers, intellectual property will be a very important consideration for both member countries and businesses operating in the region.

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Europe grants Pacific Edge patent for prognostic tech

The European Intellectual Property Office which operates across 38 countries including all European Union members, has awarded Pacific Edge a patent for its colorectal cancer prognostic technology.

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IPR policy and India's competitiveness

India's current Intellectual Property Rights regime is at the cusp of a major

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Understanding Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights – patents, trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights – protect creators of everything from new products to new pop songs.

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Think tank formed to draft National IPR policy

New Delhi, Oct 24 A think tank has been formed to draft the National Intellectual Property Rights policy, an official statement said Friday.

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You can’t keep your selfie to yourself

Ah, the selfie showing the OOTD (ask a teenager what that means). With the wifi password locked in or with the data streaming switched on, you post that OOTD selfie for your followers to see on Instagram. Under the Copyright law of the Philippines (Part IV of the R.A. 8293, the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines), you do.

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