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Industry needs to step up and save the PC: Intel

If the PC industry can't come up with a better way to make the PC a part of our Internet-crazed lives, then it will continue down its current path to becoming a has-been in the high-tech world, says Intel's Chief Technology Officer Justin Rattner.

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Intel demos next-generation voice and gesture interfaces

Offers a million bucks for the best 'perceptual computing' idea IDF 2012 Intel wants computers to be as smart as humans in how they understand voices and gestures and it's offering $1m to the best idea that can help achieve that goal.?

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Intel’s Trade Agency Patent Case Cited for U.S. Jobs Risk

The Phoenix suburb of Chandler, Arizona, is counting on 300 new high-tech jobs and paychecks for 1,000 construction workers from an expansion of Intel Corp.?s facilities there.

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Intel, Htc, Apple, Honeywell: Intellectual Property

Intel Corp.?s 1.06 billion-euro fine for using rebates to block rivals is based on an utterly hopeless? and untenable case by European Union regulators, company lawyers told an EU appeals court.

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Report: Foxconn to relocate to the Philippines?

Foxconn Technology Group may be eyeing to transfer some of its capacities in the Philippines , according to a report published by Manila Bulletin . Foxconn is one of the world's largest contract manufacturers with a client list that includes Apple Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co., Intel Corp. and Microsoft Corp.

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RealNetworks completes patent sales to Intel

RealNetworks has completed the sale of a significant number of patents and next generation video codec software to Intel Corporation.

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Intel Patents Fan Speed Control to Cool CPUs

Intel has been granted a patent which ties cooling fan speed to CPU leakage power.

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