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Quality And Reliability Will Continue To Drive Outsourcing Relationships In 2013

Nice Insight’s data on outsourcing relationships in the drug development industry reiterates the importance of strong customer awareness and customer perception.

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Big Data News of the Week: Beautiful $300,000 Minds

While many saw big data as the winner of the recent elections, I voted for Big Intuition, citing Bill Clinton’s insight and advice as an example of how decisions and data science’in political campaigns or any other endeavor’cannot be automated and must rely on human judgment and domain expertise.

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Twitter Outlines Copyright & Dmca Policy

Twitter has posted a set of guidelines designed to help users understand how it handles copyright takedown requests. The company said that the page will provide clear insight into the company's handling of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act .

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Tools give SMBs more insight into social, mobile

Small businesses are looking for ways to compete against the 'big boys' in both the online and offline world. Social media and mobile marketing are two places SMBs are hoping to engage a larger consumer base, and new releases are poised to help.

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Why Sopa Is Dangerous

I'm sure you've heard by now that SOPA is bad and would ruin the Internet, but have you actually read the bill? If not, it's worth reading, for two reasons. First, if you are going to oppose a bill, you should know exactly what you're opposing, not just the vague principle behind it. Second, it'll provide you with a valuable insight: that these bills are written in an attempt to obscure the truth.

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Insight into how brain organizes itself during development

Scientists at the Allen Institute for Brain Science have taken an important step in identifying how the brain organizes itself during development. The findings, published in the Journal of Comparative Neurology today, describe – in more detail than ever before – the consequences of the loss of a key molecule involved in establishing proper brain architecture during brain development. (5 hours ago)

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INSIGHT: Goodbye gasoline? GM gives natural gas cars a boost

American automobiles have a limited diet, but gasoline’s monopoly at the pump may be ending. The giant of US automakers is turning to something cheaper and cleaner: natural gas. (7 hours ago)

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