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Patent Trolls’ Destroy Value And Innovation

The U.S. patent system is one of best in the world, but it needs help.

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Security experts urge caution over Ottawa-China partnership

A Chinese state-owned development group is setting up shop at Ottawa's innovation hub, and some security experts are expressing concern about the possbility of intellectual property theft amid widespread cases of cyberstealing in the U.S. linked to China.

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Want to unlock your phone? Fix the DMCA

Commentary The anti-circumvention provision of the DMCA has been stifling research, slowing innovation, and annoying consumers for more than a decade. So why does it still exist? Originally posted at Molly Rants

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The Economist: Innovation Almost Dead. Perhaps Not So In Electricity

The Economist came out this week with an article concerning the slowing rate of innovation, quoting Peter Thiel, a founder of PayPal as qualifying innovation in America as somewhere between dire straits and dead.?

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USPTO Grants Record Number of Patents in 2012

If patents are to be taken as hallmarks of ingenuity and progress, then 2012 was the greatest year ever for innovation in the U.S.

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China's Patent Office Now The World's Biggest, Un Report

New York, Dec 11 2012 7:10PM China registered the most patent applications globally last year, leading the world in an indicator that the United Nations intellectual property agency uses to measure innovation.

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WPI alum builds DrinkSavvy, a straw that detects date rape drugs

The Daily Dose clued me in to a new innovation that could help prevent assaults and keep people safer: A straw that changes color in the presence of common date rape drugs.

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