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Fishermen get training for marine craft licences

Initiative part of Dubai Maritime City Authority’s efforts to develop local maritime sector

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ISPs Now Monitoring for Copyright Infringement

The nation’s major internet service providers on Monday said they are beginning to roll out an initiative to disrupt internet access for online copyright scofflaws.

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Troll slayer: Two problem’s with Mark Cuban crusade to fix the US patent system

The inauguration of the Mark Cuban Chair to Eliminate Stupid Patents is a great opportunity to take another look at the U.S. patent system, and how it fares with startups and software companies. Cuban takes aim at so-called software patents. While well intentioned, this new initiative misses the mark for two reasons.

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Dell Acquires Quest Software for $2.4 Billion

Today, Dell announced definitive plans to acquire end-to-end IT software provider Quest Software. The deal is all part of Dell’s most recent initiative to grow their enterprise solution portfolio and further distinguish their capabilities from those of their largest competitors.

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Video Markup Hits Schema.org

Last year, Google, Bing and Yahoo teamed up to announced schema.org, an initiative to supporta a common set of schemas for structured data markup on web pages. Schema.org got some rich snippet markup for music a couple months later, which

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NIH-funded project to discover biomarkers for type 2 diabetes

Arizona State University will lead a four-year, $5 million expanded initiative sponsored by the National Institutes of Health to discover proteins, or biomarkers, to help predict cardiovascular disease and to assess potential new treatments in people with type 2 diabetes.

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Leading Business Intelligence on the Middle East & North Africa

Dubai Maritime City Dubai Maritime City Authority , the government entity in-charge of regulating and supervising all aspects of the maritime sector in Dubai, has announced that it is leading a new initiative that seeks to establish a professional bunkering standard in the UAE.

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