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New lawsuit adds to Grooveshark's troubles

A day before Google bans Grooveshark's Android app, EMI Music files a new breach of contract and copyright infringement suit against the company. Originally posted at News – Internet & Media

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Eastday-Johnny Walker scotch wins infringement suit

DIAGEO, the British-based maker of Johnnie Walker, received 120,000 yuan compensation from two Chinese companies that used the Scotch whisky's name on their skin-care products, the Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration said yesterday.

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Creditor Moves to Dismantle Copyright Troll Righthaven

The financial woes of Las Vegas-based copyright trolling firm Righthaven expanded Saturday when one of its defendants whom successfully beat an infringement suit asked a judge to allow the seizure of its assets, with the help of “reasonable force” from the U.S. Marshal’s Service if necessary. Still, if Righthaven goes under, major copyright issues Righthaven is testing on appeal may go unsettled.

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