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Gucci Assails Guess for Studied Imitations? at Trial

Gucci America Inc., the maker of luxury clothing and accessories, is scheduled to present final arguments in federal court in a lawsuit claiming that Guess? Inc. copied its trademarked designs.

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Wool better than synthetic any day, say Kiwis

New Zealand’s 30 million-plus sheep will be pleased to know Kiwis rate wool carpets way above man-made imitations. In a blind sensory study carried out by Colmar Brunton late last year, 70% of people said they preferred wool over synthetic.

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Martin guitar firm fights imitations in China

Chinese knock-offs bear the Martin logo but lack Martin quality, company says. Nazareth’s C.F. Martin & Co. has put nearly two centuries and plenty of sweat into perfecting its beloved acoustic guitars. (18 hours ago)

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