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ADFA Skype trial begins

Two former Australian Defence Force Academy cadets have gone on trial in Canberra after one filmed himself having sex with a female cadet, and sent the images via Skype to the other.

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Google reveals Glass details in patent application

Lasers burning images onto your retina? What could go possibly wrong? The US Patent and Trademark Office has published a Google patent application that provides a raft of details about that company's much-ballyhooed " Glass " augmented-reality spectacles.?

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Afp, Washington Post Violated Daniel Morel's Copyrights, Judge Says

A federal court in New York has ruled that Agence France-Presse violated photographer Daniel Morel's copyrights by distributing his images of the 2010 Haiti earthquake without permission.

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Federal appeals court broadly sides with artist Daniel Moore against University of Alabama

The court, however, has sent back to a lower court for further review the question of whether Moore's sale of mugs, cups and other products with images on them violated licensing agreements. Disputed issues of fact on that issue remain, the court says.

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Porn Company Sues Tumblr for Copyright Infringement [VIDEO]

If you’ve ever wondered how sites like Tumblr get away with displaying copyrighted images, you’re not alone. Now one of the Internet?

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Julia Roberts, George Clooney File Joint Lawsuit

Two stars are better than one! Former Ocean's Eleven costars Julia Roberts and George Clooney filed a joint lawsuit last Friday against Beyond Audio, Inc and Digital Projection, Inc. for allegedly using their names and images to promote their products.

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How To Keep Pinterest Users From Sharing Your Content On Pinterest

Here's how you keep its users from "pinning" your images (basically posting them on the site without permission): add a single line of code to your site.

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