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Mo De, mobile microcredit startup, wins IBM SmartCamp contest

The Nairobi-based company, focused on emerging markets, bests several other worthy startups to win IBM's "Global Entrepreneur of the Year" award.

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IBM Q4 net income at $5.8 bn

Operating net income was $6.1 billion compared with $5.6 billion in the fourth quarter of 2011, an increase of 10 percent.

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2012 patent rankings: IBM on top again, Apple and Google surge

IBM racked up more US patents than any other company for the 20th straight year, as Google and Apple surged up the list.

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Curtains For Rim? Besides Ibm, Are Microsoft, Samsung, Oracle Looking?

Shares of BlackBerry developer Research in Motion jumped on speculation IBM might be interested in part of the company. But others like Microsoft and Oracle , might also want its technology, too.

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IBM offering companies their own cloud

The new computers, designed for smaller corporations, deliver cloud computing without the Internet's security concerns.

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Yahoo was licensing patents Facebook bought from IBM

Some of the 750 patents Facebook acquired from IBM were reportedly being licensed by Yahoo. If true, it means Facebook may have a new bargaining chip in its patent battle with Yahoo.

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Facebook buys 750 patents to build legal arsenal

Facebook has bought a portfolio of 750 technology patents from IBM to help it counter allegations of intellectual property infringement, according to a source.

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