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Security experts urge caution over Ottawa-China partnership

A Chinese state-owned development group is setting up shop at Ottawa's innovation hub, and some security experts are expressing concern about the possbility of intellectual property theft amid widespread cases of cyberstealing in the U.S. linked to China.

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Skype disables Windows Phone 8 app's People Hub integration

Skype is temporarily disabling the integration of its Windows Phone 8 app with the operating system's People Hub due to "stability" issues.

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Kewill adds hub and gateway functionality to global freight forwarding solution

Kewill, the provider of innovative software for global trade and logistics, has released the latest version of its freight forwarding solution, which now incorporates hub and gateway functionality, offering increased efficiency for global freight processing and better financial visibility throughout the supply chain.

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Microsoft launches Skype-centered hub for small businesses

Microsoft has unveiled a commercial networking site where small businesses can promote their products and services and interact with potential customers and partners primarily using Skype.

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Facebook Opens Center to Help Friends Get Appier

Facebook has cut the ribbon on its App Center — a hub that lets users access apps from Facebook and related third parties. There are about 600 apps in the center so far, including favorites like Draw Something, Pinterest and Nike+ GPS. Facebook is taking a curated approach to the apps. Besides the popular ones, it is suggesting newer apps users might want to try.

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From Hub, 89 rebel again challenges China

Chai Ling learned a thing or two about leadership as a student in Beijing. At 23, she was commander in chief of the 1989 Tiananmen prodemocracy movement. (1 hour ago)

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Larundel makeover in site as shovels dig in

AFTER more than a decade of planning, work has finally started on transforming derelict Bundoora site Larundel Mental Hospital into a retail and residential hub. (11 mins ago)

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