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How gizmo maker’s hack outflanked copyright trolls

Chumby NeTV: A triumph for mankind When the master encryption key locking down millions of Blu-ray players and set-top boxes was mysteriously leaked last year , Hollywood moguls worried their precious high-definition movies would face a new flurry of piracy.?

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Blu-ray burner gets lite-on but speedy X-Rating: 12x

Lite-On’s latest Blu-ray burner gets an ultra-fast 12x rating for data writing, resulting in what’s claimed to be the shortest possible time to easily burn high-capacity, high definition content?. (5 mins ago)

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Level 3 to Work with National Broadcasters to Deliver the Royal Wedding to North American Viewers

Level 3 Communications, Inc. today announced it has been selected by six national broadcasters in the U.S. and Canada to provide delivery of live, high-definition video feeds from the wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey in London to viewers in North America. (4 mins ago)

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Local business takes police tech to next level with HD dash cams

Kenneth B. Teese, executive vice president of sales, demonstrates WatchGuard Video’s DV-1 for a tour group at the company’s ribbon-cutting ceremony on March 3. The company introduced in October a high-definition dash cam for law enforcement agency vehicles, the first of its kind in the industry. (1 hour ago)

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Say Cheese: Cameras on Goggles and Wrists

Small, High Definition Cameras are being put in eye-wear, clothes, and wristbands (1 hour ago)

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Epson Adds Two WUXGA Resolution, High-Bright Professional Projectors to PowerLite Pro G-Series Line

Epson, the number-one selling projector brand worldwide, today added two additional high-definition models to the PowerLite Pro G-series installation projector line â the PowerLite Pro G5450WUNL and G5750WUNL. (16 mins ago)

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