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Hey, tech titans! Those smartmobe sales bans? Give it a rest. NOW

US Patent Office, DoJ fed up with Apple, Samsung, Moto battles Companies can only use patents essential to communications standards to ban the sales of rival products in rare and specific cases. That's the latest common-sense thinking from the US Justice Department and the US Patent Office.?

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Hey, Obama, Romney, there's a lot of U.S. stuff in the iPhone 5

U.S. brands populate the inside of the iPhone. That tends to get overlooked in unnaunced debates. Originally posted at News – Apple

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Hey Dc, Listen Up: We Are The Voice Of Startups In Silicon Valley

Engine Advocacy wants to give Silicon Valley startups a voice in Washington. Today, big companies spend a lot of money on lobbying. In 2011, computer and Internet companies spent $91.5 million lobbying, according to OpenSecrets.org , with Verizon , AT&T, Google , and Microsoft among the biggest.

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Mashable’s Turntable.fm Room Hosts Bing Ji Ling, Turner Cody & Tim Love? Lee

Hey U.S. residents, take a break from worrying about the debt ceiling and raise the roof in Mashable s Turntable.fm room. If you’re unf? (16 hours ago)

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Listen & Spin in the Mashable Turntable.fm Room With Up-and-Coming Singer-Songwriters

Hey there, sweat-stained denizens of the working world. If you think you’re hot now, step into Mashable s Summer Fridays Turntable.? (1 day ago)

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