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Lizama Family: Deployment Veterans

With eight deployments over the course of a 23-year military career, U.S. Army 1st Sgt. Joe Lizama Jr. and his family have his pre-departure process down to a science. The family got word of this deployment about a year ago, giving them all the time they needed to prepare home and heart. So for the last several months, they've handled it in businesslike fashion.

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The Science of Better Communication

Successful executives know that their ability to communicate is critical to their success. Being able to address and relate to others in order to engage what moves them is at the heart of leadership.

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Copyright Lawyer, Photographer Poke Holes in Pinterest

The latest social-media darling isn't setting everyone's heart aflutter.

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New Trademarkia Feature Exposes Biggest Trademark Bullies; Apple, Zynga Among Top Five

For a long time, it was easy to search for patents on the Web , but trademarks? Not so much. Thanks to startups like TechCrunch 50 grad Trademarkia , anyone can now do a simple keyword search and pick through each and every U.S. trademark filed since 1870 — if your heart so desires, of course.

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Hawk: No current plans to run as independent

Challenging Howard Hawk's name being on the GOP primary ballot was the right thing to do because, at heart, he is not a Republican, according to Jean Brewer, Marshall County Republican Party chairwoman. She said in a follow-up interview this week that she made the challenge as an individual.

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Syria: Dying Illusions And A Slow-burning Fuse

Bayan al-Bayasi had been steadily growing disillusioned with her president over the years, but like most Syrians raised on fear and submission, she kept silent. When the Arab protest wave reached Syria, she even defended Bashar Assad to her friends, saying she was sure he was a reformer at heart. (26 mins ago)

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Dead’ actress eager to comfort crying fan

MANILA, Philippines — Actress Kathryn Bernardo is keen to soothe a fan who cried over her “death” on national TV recently. So “touched” that the young fan took to heart the seeming passing? of her character in the hit TV series Mara Clara,? Bernardo wishes to assure her that she is very much alive and well. (11 mins ago)

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