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Will Spying TVs Be the Next Frontier in a War Between Good and Evil Hackers?

Amid concern over what new generation television sets are capable of doing, one group seeks a legal exemption to pry open the software.

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Is Hacking Videogame Characters Legal?

Hackers have been digging into the code of videogames to change characters and storylines for years. Is it legal?

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Creator of Sleazy Revenge Porn Site Wouldn't Care If Someone Killed Themselves Because of It [Is Anyone Up]

Isanyoneup The Village Voice has an excellent cover story about 26-year-old Hunter Moore, creator of the gross NSFW revenge porn site Is Anyone Up , which offers a venue for spurned lovers and hackers to dump people's private nude pictures, which he posts along with their full name and a screenshot of their Facebook profile. Somehow this guy becomes more vile with every profile. More »

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Incapsula Reveals: 31% of Website Traffic Can Harm Your Business

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif.—-Incapsula Reveals: 31% of Website Traffic Can Harm Your Business. 51% of your website traffic is invisible to you, including harmful hackers, spambots, scrapers and competitors

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Dupont, Makhteshim, Kodak, News Corp: Intellectual Property

China-based hackers rifled the computers of DuPont Co. at least twice in 2009 and 2010, hunting for technological secrets that made the company one of the world’s most successful chemical makers.

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Pentagon to publish strategy for cyberspace wars

Facing escalating risks of cyberattacks by hackers, criminals and other nations, the Pentagon is developing more resilient computer networks so the military can continue to operate if critical systems are breached or taken down. (5 mins ago)

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How Sony’s Antipiracy Approach Made It a Hacker Target

On Friday, 10 June, Spanish police announced the arrest of three hackers for allegedly targeting banks, Middle Eastern governments, MasterCard and, most important perhaps, Sony. (17 hours ago)

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