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Regulator chases party boy's Publicity Monster

Consumer protection authority confirms it is investigating convicted hacker and party boy Timothy Sabre's Publicity Monster firm, which promised businesses it could get them high rankings on Google.

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Microsoft to Patch 'Hacker's Playground'

Next week's regular security update will address at least 14 vulnerabilities, including four in Internet Explorer and some for enterprise services.

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PS3, Apple hacker ditches Facebook for Lady Gaga

A hacker who got into trouble with Sony and Apple then went 'straight' and joined Facebook has returned to hacking, a business news site reported.

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Digital Parasites: A Threat to America’s Culture Business?

As a music journalist working for Rolling Stone in the mid-1990s, Robert Levine marveled at how a file-sharing network developed by a 19-year-old hacker might loosen the eternal stranglehold of major record companies over the music industry.

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How Sony’s Antipiracy Approach Made It a Hacker Target

On Friday, 10 June, Spanish police announced the arrest of three hackers for allegedly targeting banks, Middle Eastern governments, MasterCard and, most important perhaps, Sony. (17 hours ago)

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Suit settled, PS3 hacker donates $10,000 to EFF

Directs choice words at Sony ‘goons’ The hacker accused of violating US copyright law when he hacked the PlayStation 3 game console has donated $10,000 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation after Sony dropped the controversial lawsuit.? (3 hours ago)

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Sony cuts deal with PlayStation 3 hacker

A US hacker has agreed to stop breaking into Sony’s PlayStation 3 consoles as part of a deal made to drop a lawsuit filed by the Japanese consumer electronics giant. (35 mins ago)

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