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Grooveshark Embraces Html5 Amidst Emi Lawsuit

Grooveshark has launched a new HTML5 website, but will have to contend with another copyright lawsuit from EMI.

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Grooveshark returns to Google with Android app

Grooveshark is back in the Google Play store with an application for Android devices. The free download became available Tuesday. The app includes a free version or a Grooveshark Anywhere account with more features for $9 a month.

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Judge upholds Grooveshark's defense strategy

The online music service can proceed with its defense strategy against Universal Music Group's copyright lawsuit in New York state court and also proceed to countersue over claims that the music industry giant interfered with Grooveshark's business dealings with other companies.

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Turntable.fm bucks legal gray area with licensing deals from the four major labels

Topping the streaming music news today is Turntable.fm successfully acquiring licensing deals from all four major record labels. The social Djing site is now definitely clear of the legal nightmares that streaming companies like Grooveshark have been afflicted with.

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After meteoric rise, Grooveshark insists it's no falling star

There might be no better sign that Grooveshark has arrived than the fact it is being sued by all four major record companies.

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Grooveshark email: How we built a music service without, um, paying for music

Grooveshark wanted to use unlicensed music to build a huge online following and then deal with the labels, according to company e-mails entered into court records.

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Grooveshark Is About To Be Sued Into Submission By Universal Music Group

Maximum damages assessed to each song could reach $150,000, which would bring the total damages to a massive $15 billion. This is $15 billion Grooveshark certainly does not have.

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