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Android Leads Market

Governments are made by and of people. As such, they are inherently burdened by weaknesses characteristic of people.

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Avoid Twitter Censorship

When Twitter announced a change to their censorship policy in January, Twitter users and pundits rose dutifully to the defense of free speech. Critics said the company sought to silence voices of dissent in compliance with requests from autocratic governments and anti-transparency bureaucracies.

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How Sony’s Antipiracy Approach Made It a Hacker Target

On Friday, 10 June, Spanish police announced the arrest of three hackers for allegedly targeting banks, Middle Eastern governments, MasterCard and, most important perhaps, Sony. (17 hours ago)

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Broadband boosts democracy says Google chairman

Governments should pursue the goal of adoption of wireless and wired broadband Internet access, as Internet penetration boosts the democratic process, Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said at the International Economic forum in St. Petersburg on June 17. (3 mins ago)

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Skype Protocol Cracked

Security researcher publishes reverse engineered source code in the wake of reports that Middle Eastern governments have Skype-eavesdropping tools. (8 hours ago)

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Sarkozy woos Web giants, urges state role

PARIS – French President Nicolas Sarkozy urged Internet leaders gathered in Paris on Tuesday to work with governments and share fairly the benefits of a revolution he compared to the discoveries of Columbus, Galileo and Newton. (2 mins ago)

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What ICANN Can Learn from Humpty Dumpty

I have been an active participant in the ICANN “grand experiment” from the beginning. An experiment in which a private sector led organization was entrusted by the Internet community and governments to be a trustee of a global public resource. (14 hours ago)

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