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Microsoft looks to the future as tech giant set to to create their own 'Google Glasses'

Microsoft has jumped on the visual device bandwagon and now plans to create their own eyeglasses.

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Microsoft Patent Shows It’s Working On A Google Glass Type Device Of Its Own

Microsoft had a new patent application published with the USPTO today which shows a glasses-based heads-up display system that could overlay information on the real world for a user. If it sounds familiar, that's likely because that's what Google's trying to accomplish with Project Glass, which actually already has functional prototypes out in the wild.

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Apple's Patent Sketch for Its Own Retina-ized Version of Google Glasses is Awwwwwkward [Apple]

Apple Apple has long been working on a Google Glasses-like heads up display, and have been granted a couple of patents already. But Patently Apple has drudged up their latest one, which promises to bring Retina-quality visuals to the little screen . And intriguing as that may be, the more entertaining thing here is the sketch itself. More »

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Would Apple iGlass Be Better Than Google's Glasses? [Apple]

Apple Apple just got awarded a new patent that may become the wearable version of the iPad one day: eyeglasses that would display apps, video, images, and overlay information on the world around you in realtime’something like Schwarzenegger's vision in Terminator. More »

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Google Glasses patent hints at speech-to-text display for deaf users

Google seeks to deter lawsuits with nine new patents.

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Nintendo lumbered with lawsuit in 3DS patent row

Going glasses-free is costly Nintendo has been struck with a lawsuit by an intellectual property owner which claims to hold the rights to viewing glasses-free stereoscopic images.? (6 hours ago)

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vertical blinds

vertical blinds
A picture of a man in striped shirt, wearing glasses and in a room with vertical blinds.

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