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India denies revoking Roche patent, says it lapsed

India on Monday denied revoking additional patents related to Roche Holding's breast cancer drug Herceptin, saying the Swiss giant failed to follow legal procedures so the applications lapsed.

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Google Maps fills in the blanks of its North Korea coverage

WEB search giant Google is giving the rest of the world its first glimpse of the framework of the secretive North Korean state.

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Apple ordered to pay Chinese writers in copyright dispute

After eight authors' books were sold on the tech giant's App Store without permission, a Chinese judge rules that Apple must pay up.

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Mate! That's not a fair go, says Aussie trademark holder

A SUNSHINE Coast entrepreneur who bought the trademark for the word "mate" four years ago might have to take on a business giant after it used the word on a stubbie holder, then refused his call for a fair go.

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Amgen pleads guilty to improper marketing of anemia drug Aranesp

The Thousand Oaks biotech giant also agrees to pay $762 million to resolve related complaints from whistle-blowers. Biotech giant Amgen Inc. pleaded guilty in federal court to improper marketing of its anemia drug Aranesp and has agreed to pay $762 million in criminal fines and civil settlements to resolve complaints from company whistle-blowers.

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You Can Now See All The Erroneous Dmca Takedown Requests Google Gets

Google does a lot of work for copyright holders in the US. Under the DMCA, Google has to delete infringing links from its search results. It used to be not such a bad job, but now the search giant is

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Microsoft looks to the future as tech giant set to to create their own 'Google Glasses'

Microsoft has jumped on the visual device bandwagon and now plans to create their own eyeglasses.

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