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Gadgetwise: Q&A: Paying Extra for Phone Freedom

Skipping the carrier subsidy and paying full price for an unlocked smartphone may cost more up front, but frees up those who want to buy inexpensive local service plans when traveling internationally.        

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Clarence Page: Tragedy sparks debate on free speech vs. private work

Internet prodigy's suicide, sparks debate on the freedom of content on the Internet.

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Reddit Creates The Freedom Of Internet Act

The users of Reddit are more than just Internet warriors who fought bravely against SOPA and PIPA with the legendary Net blackout of January. They are also amateur legislators which they have proven by writing a law of their own.

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Monkeymedia Wins 180 New Patent Claims

AUSTIN, Texas—-The USPTO awarded MONKEYmedia a powerful new interactive media patent containing 180 new claims. The invention provides freedom to explore optional content in the context of audio/visual streams. (10 hours ago)

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CSU T.A. watches Egypt protests from afar

As Egyptian cries for freedom pour out from the streets of Cairo, CSU Arabic teaching assistant Fatma Abdelrahman can only watch. She absorbs the news as it comes and struggles to get details about the chaos in her homeland. (59 mins ago)

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