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First Amendment in the Digital Age: How Copyright Enforcement Is Threatening Free Speech Online And How The

The current United States government policy of criminal copyright enforcement against online storages lockers has created a disturbance in the jurisprudential force of First Amendment law.

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Clarence Page: Tragedy sparks debate on free speech vs. private work

Internet prodigy's suicide, sparks debate on the freedom of content on the Internet.

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Students' shirt sales become free-speech battle

University of Delaware students Adam Bloom and Ben Goodman are suing their school, saying it violated their right to free speech when they wanted to sell T-shirts for a homecoming game.

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Major label uses DMCA to take down Romney ad of Obama crooning

The incident highlights how the DMCA can hinder free speech.

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Defenders of The Oatmeal create parody websites to pick up the fight

Creator: "free speech is under attack," plans to fight possible lawsuit.

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Avoid Twitter Censorship

When Twitter announced a change to their censorship policy in January, Twitter users and pundits rose dutifully to the defense of free speech. Critics said the company sought to silence voices of dissent in compliance with requests from autocratic governments and anti-transparency bureaucracies.

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Wikipedia blackout: Why even supporters question anti-SOPA move

As the fracas over the proposed federal anti-privacy legislation known as SOPA heats up this week, the open-source encyclopedia website, Wikipedia, says it will shut down for 24 hours, beginning midnight Tuesday to protest what the website warns is a threat to free speech.

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