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A picture from out of the past

In 87 years, Gerard Bernhardt has survived a bullet to the lung in France while serving under Gen. George Patton, raised an East Falls family big enough to field a baseball team, and put nine children through college. For a man like him, Christmas morning should have held few, if any, surprises.

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France to hold e-G8 Forum, Internet on focus

As for its G8 presidency, France is due to host an international conference on the internet issue which is due to top G8 Forum for the first time, forum organizer “Publicis Groupe” said on Friday. (1 min ago)

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France seizes Ben Ali family plane: official sources

PARIS, Feb 01, 2011 – French authorities have seized a plane belonging to the family of ousted Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, official sources said Tuesday. (1 min ago)

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