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From book to screen, filmmakers discuss challenges of today

Oscar-nominated director Stephen Daldry, most of whose films have been based on well-known books, believes novelists now more readily embrace the adaptation of their works onto the big screen.

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Starring Port Huron: Festival increases city's profile as a location for films

Tickets for Loni Love's performance Friday at the Blue Water Film Festival sit on a desk Wednesday afternoon at the Blue Water Film Festival office in Port Huron.

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Why a German luggage company is suing Marvel over Avengers movie

For Marvel, The Avengers was more than just the biggest movie they've ever done. It was the end of an ambitious four-year slate of movies they've dubbed "Phase One" of their cinematic universe. Now, as Marvel prepares to release a limited-edition collection of all the Phase One films on Blu-ray, a German luggage company is taking them to court. But why?

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People power wins the day as MEPs reject global deal in copyright theft

The European Parliament has rejected a global agreement against copyright theft, handing a victory to protesters who say the legislation would punish people for sharing films and music online.

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