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Wheels set spinning in new patent war

In the wake of the Apple-Samsung case, entrepreneur Mark Stadnyk is aiming to head off a patent law that he says will favour big companies and hurt lone inventors such as himself

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Piracy: film industry will get its pound of flesh

Predictably, a proposal by five big ISPs to counteract the downloading of copyrighted material in Australia has not found favour with the copyright holders.

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A PR idea that’s a dull idea!

I am a changed man. I started my career working for a UK PR agency, a pretty aggressive and fantastically innovative one at that. From my very first day until the moment I left, I along with my colleagues learned to reject, nay loathe, any creative channel that wasn’t PR. It was instilled in the agency’s ethos and ingrained in the team’s culture to favour PR above all else. (14 hours ago)

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Analog triumphs over Knowles? MEMS mikes

Signal processing giant Analog Devices said that the International Trade Association has ruled in its favour in a complaint brought against Knowles Electronics. (16 hours ago)

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