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Recipe combines attachment, lime for new corn stover harvest method

MINDEN A combine head attachment, calcium hydroxide, water and a bunker are a recipe that may give farmers more income from their cornfields and give cattle producers another feed option.

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Ginseng farmers say China counterfeiters rip them off

In the United States, Wisconsin is known as the cheese state. Dairy cows roam, and license plates say “America’s Dairyland” — only fitting given that it produced 2.6 billion pounds of cheese last year. But in the shadow of Big Cheese, there lies the lesser-known market for ginseng.

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Bill would ban photos on farms

A bill introduced by a Florida state senator would do make it a crime for taking pictures or video on a farm. It’s a reaction to undercover videos shot by animal activists that farmers say are jeopardizing their livelihoods. (1 day ago)

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Pioneer Hi-bred Says Syngenta Deal To Expand Seed Offerings To Farmers

Pioneer Hi-Bred Says Syngenta Deal To Expand Seed Offerings To Farmers (18 mins ago)

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Tui Shouts Southland Farmers A Well Deserved Beer

Tui did it in 2008 and now it’s doing it again. Two years ago New Zealand’s most popular beer brand shared a few beers with Southland farmers hard hit by drought. This time round it’s the other extreme with heavy rain and snow killing thousands of lambs and causing a minor civil disaster. (28 mins ago)

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Aphid’s unpredictability leaves farmers vulnerable

The soybean aphid is proving to be a tricky pest to predict. They used to be on a two-year cycle but now that cycle is all messed up,? says Wayne Bailey, University of Missouri Extension entomologist. (1 min ago)

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