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Gadgetwise: Q&A: Paying Extra for Phone Freedom

Skipping the carrier subsidy and paying full price for an unlocked smartphone may cost more up front, but frees up those who want to buy inexpensive local service plans when traveling internationally.        

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Africa: Intellectual Property Reprieve for Poor Countries

IRIN]Nairobi -Least developed countries will continue to have access to affordable medical technologies for an additional extra eight years before they are required to implement the World Trade Organization’s Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Agreement, following a series of negotiations.

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Apple seeks 412m extra in Samsung battle

Apple has asked a judge to award it an extra $535m in its US patent case with Samsung — in addition to its requested permanent injunction against sales of Samsung's infringing products.

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Apple's Shake-To-Charge Patent Trades Calories for Battery Life [Patents]

Patents Its larger form factor and bigger battery mean the iPhone 5 should last longer on a single charge. But to overcome the fact that battery technology still basically sucks, Apple has applied for a 'shake to charge' patent that uses electromagnetic induction to convert everyday motions into extra battery life. More »

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Survey Says: American Drivers Want Features That Help Make Them More Aware; New Ford Fusion up to the Challenge

According to a new survey commissioned by Ford, most Americans say they consider themselves to be careful drivers but admit they would welcome some extra electronic help when they're behind the wheel.

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French Voters Pack Lipstick to Personalize Election Ballots

French voters were given two choices in the election yesterday, each printed in block letters on a quarter sheet of off-white paper. So some came prepared, with blank sheets, extra lipstick and glue to express themselves in ways modern computer voting doesn’t allow.

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Andreessen rumored to be looking for $1.5 billion in new funding

Rumor has it that well-known investor Marc Andreessen is looking to amp up funding for his Andreessen Horowitz investment firm with an extra $1.5 billion.

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