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What a Non-Partisan Plan for U.S. Entrepeneurship Would Look Like

What would a non-partisan plan for entrepreneurs look like?

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Online help offered older entrepreneurs

The U.S. Small Business Administration and AARP are reaching out to a new group of potential business owners that they call "encore entrepreneurs" those who are older than 50 and want to start or expand a small business.

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Walking Entrepreneurs: We're not the 1% or the 99%

This week, a group of entrepreneurs gathered along New York City’s West Side Highway. The Walk’s founder may or may not have a million dollars, but he certainly has a dream.

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Burgeoning beer scene: Three breweries on tap in Louisville

This city's thirst for beer is about to get quenched in a major way. No fewer than three entrepreneurs are putting together plans to start up their own brew-on-site taphouse in downtown Louisville — one focusing on Belgian brews, another on "big beers" and a third fashioned after a European-style farm-to-table microbrewery.

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Recently passed patent law could hurt small entrepreneurs

The lyrics of Bob Dylan’s 1964 classic, “The Times They Are A-Changin,’” could be used to describe the sweeping changes resulting from the new U.S. patent law passed Sept. 16. Some experts have lauded the new system, saying it will greatly benefit entrepreneurs, but a less vocal, yet strong case is being raised suggesting that small businesses and potential entrepreneurs will be the big losers.

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Protecting The Safe Harbors Of The Dmca And Protecting Jobs

My partner Brad and I spent Thursday in DC along with a bunch of entrepreneurs and VCs. We talked to dozens of our elected officials about an issue that is very concerning to us, protecting the safe harbors of the DMCA.

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Business opportunities abound during Mavs’ title run

Entrepreneurs are rushing to cash in during the NBA Finals. (4 hours ago)

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