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3 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Patent Risk

For startups, patent trolls can be a major headache. Make sure you remain abreast of patent risk to avoid litigation with trolls.

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Mo De, mobile microcredit startup, wins IBM SmartCamp contest

The Nairobi-based company, focused on emerging markets, bests several other worthy startups to win IBM's "Global Entrepreneur of the Year" award.

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Ask A Vc: Foundation Capital’s Anamitra Banerji Talks About Twitter Ads, Becoming A Vc And More

For this week's Ask A VC episode, we sat down with Foundation Capital's newest partner Anamitra Banerji , who was just promoted from entrepreneur in residence to investment partner at the firm. We chatted about Banerji's decision to become a VC vs. founding a startup, and how being an entrepreneur in residence helped him come to that decision.

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Indicted entrepreneur launches new file-sharing website

Kim Dotcom says Mega is different in that he can't see — or be held liable — for what patrons are storing.

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Mate! That's not a fair go, says Aussie trademark holder

A SUNSHINE Coast entrepreneur who bought the trademark for the word "mate" four years ago might have to take on a business giant after it used the word on a stubbie holder, then refused his call for a fair go.

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You're not the Ritz WE'RE the Ritz! London landmark orders rural minnow to change name

Entrepreneur Kris Malde has been told to change the name of his venue in Desborough, Northamptonshire, although it has been called the Ritz for over 80 years.

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Entrepreneur Boot Camp For Malaysian Students In The Us

WASHINGTON, Dec 5 — Malaysian students studying in American universities Sunday returned to campus with a bagful of ideas and aspirations to set up their own companies following a 2-day Entrepreneur Boot Camp hosted by Education Malaysia here.

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