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Michael Kwan

A law went into effect earlier this year that effectively made it illegal for you to unlock your phone. Naturally, many mobile enthusiasts weren’t happy about that decision, so they put together a petition and got over 100,000 signatures . The White House was then compelled to respond and now they have.

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AMD uncloaks 4GHz-and-up FX Series 'enthusiast' chippery

All unlocked for your overclocking pleasure AMD has unveiled its latest FX Series processers , aimed squarely at the enthusiasts' market the hardcore gamers and other speed demons who want the snappiest possible performance but don't want to spend an arm and a leg on their systems.?

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Analog realism, animation for every dashboard

Freescale Semiconductor’s claim of the world’s first single-chip microcontroller capable of rendering analog automotive gauges, complete with 3-D shadows, is music to the ears of automotive enthusiasts who lament the bygone days of analog dashboards. View the full article HERE . (22 mins ago)

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