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Mo De, mobile microcredit startup, wins IBM SmartCamp contest

The Nairobi-based company, focused on emerging markets, bests several other worthy startups to win IBM's "Global Entrepreneur of the Year" award.

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Witty lays out Glaxo vision with UK in lead

GlaxoSmithKline's chief executive tells Andrew Cave the future is about sales in emerging markets and why the company's Ribena and Lucozade may be sold .

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Emerging Market Risk: Making the Most of Opportunity by Understanding and Managing Critical Risks

While emerging markets offer significant opportunities for multinational company growth, these markets also have their own unique risks. The lure to fuel corporate growth through opportunities in emerging markets often clouds our understanding of risk and reward trade-offs.

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Cloud Expo: Reaching China with Your Website & Cloud Application

Reaching customers and employees with cloud applications when they are located in emerging markets (such as Russia, Indonesia, Brazil and China) poses a major challenge.

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Electronics producers target low-cost smart phones to Africans

Africa is the fastest-growing market for mobile communications after Asia. Manufacturers offer more and more low-cost phone models for emerging markets, as demonstrated at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin.

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Bakery enhancers launched worldwide as demand grows in emerging markets

Puratos is launching its bakery enhancers in the Middle East and in Asia in response to growing demand for western type? cakes with a long shelf life, said the firm. (12 hours ago)

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