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EFF Wins Renewal of Smartphone Jailbreaking Rights

The Electronic Frontier Foundation won renewal of critical exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act , including the upholding of jailbreaking rights for smartphones as well as new and expanded legal protections for video remixing.

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The Eff Needs Help Keeping 3d Printing Free

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is looking forward to a future when 3D printing, thanks to "creative" patents, could no longer be free. Because the technology is so nascent, patenting parts of the process or renewing expiring patents could prevent incremental improvement of the technology out of fear or patent infringement. The EFF wants to head this off at the pass.

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Dancing Baby video court battle resumes

The Electronic Frontier Foundation argued Universal Music Corp. violated the law when it sent YouTube a takedown demand against the home movie where a toddler dances to a Prince song.

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EFF heading to court to help recover Megaupload files

The Electronic Frontier Foundation will head to court on Friday to push the federal government to establish a process that will enable law-abiding Megaupload users to get their files back.

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The Billion Dollar Question: When Should Internet Providers be Liable for Copyright Infringement?

At the Music Tech Summit in San Francisco last month, John Perry Barlow, Co-Founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and former Grateful Dead songwriter, responded to a question posed by Bob Weir, also of the Grateful Dead, about the distribution of music on the Internet as follows: 

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Digital freedom group gains another victory over R-J, Righthaven

Digital freedom group the Electronic Frontier Foundation has won another victory against the Las Vegas Review-Journal and its copyright enforcement partner.

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Damages Sought from Warner Bros. for Errant Copyright Demands

The Electronic Frontier Foundation wants Warner Bros. Entertainment to pay for mistakes made by an automated campaign that ordered an online storage provider to take down content that Warner Bros. didn’t own.

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