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The Dispute Over Preserving Gaming's Past Is Boiling Over

The ESA and EFF are sparring about gaming preservation; read on to see what both sides have to say.

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The Eff Needs Help Keeping 3d Printing Free

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is looking forward to a future when 3D printing, thanks to "creative" patents, could no longer be free. Because the technology is so nascent, patenting parts of the process or renewing expiring patents could prevent incremental improvement of the technology out of fear or patent infringement. The EFF wants to head this off at the pass.

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Suit Claims Online Trademark Infringement and Cyber-vandalism

EFF Will Represent The Oatmeal Creator in Fight Against Bizarre Lawsuit Targeting Critical Online Speech

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EFF: “Microsoft Misusing The Law” in Xbox 360 Memory Card Case – News

Misuse of Digital Millennium Copyright Act claimed (17 hours ago)

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