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MEDIA ALERT: ShareThis Takes Action to Protect Trademark Rights

PALO ALTO, CA–(Marketwire – Aug 31, 2012) – ShareThis , the world's largest ecosystem for sharing and engagement, today announced that it's now working actively to enforce its trademark rights to assure publishers and consumers that the service behind the widely used Share icon is the trusted ShareThis product.

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Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 Metro App Ecosystem Set to Grow

Analysis: If Microsoft truly fulfills its potential to unify platforms, that will give its operating systems a distinct edge and grant users a clear benefit.

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Google makes data grab

HUA HIN, Thailand – Google has announced another service this week in an attempt to draw more of the world's population into its ecosystem and create the globe's largest digital filing cabinet.

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Android Violates Linux License, Experts Claim

Google’s Android mobile operating system’s usage of the Linux kernel may violate open source licensing with a misappropriation of Linux code that could bring about the “collapse of the Android ecosystem,” some intellectual property experts are charging. (4 hours ago)

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The Identity Ecosystem: Obama’s Plan for Internet Control

THE OBAMA Administration has yet to come up with a plan to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which are draining our economy, prevent the continuing mortgage meltdown, get more Americans back to work, or do away with pork-barrel spending and government corruption, to name just a few of the overriding concerns plaguing our nation today. (12 mins ago)

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