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How a Chinese knockoff left mark on Sharpie pens

The knockoff and the real thing. Competition among manufacturers is what we thrive upon. Competition fuels our economy and offers consumers the benefit of more product choices, features and varied price options.

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Save more money — now!

The economy is stronger, but it's no time to take it easy. Plan for bad weather and increase the cash in your bank account

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Patent wars: protect and survive

The ferocious patent war that has broken out over the past few years in the fast-growing smartphone sector, notably in the battle between Apple and Samsung, is the most high profile example of a wider trend across the entire economy.

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Green economy will create jobs?

New energy efficiency regulations for building 'an opportunity' for industrial development and job creation, says trade and industry minister

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Hudson Valley Professor Calls for National IT Program

Walter Russel Mead, professor of foreign affairs and humanities at Bard College, wrote a piece for The Wall Street Journal about the type of government involvement needed to assist the economy. Mead notes that today’s economy is in need of a different type of investment- infostructure.? He wrote, Internet connectivity and bandwidth are going to improve so [Full Story?]

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A kick-start to the economy

THE Jamaica Observer's Celebration of Fashion's Night Out was yesterday branded as an all-important kick-start to the economy at a time when it is projected to contract.

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Natural-Gas Cars Can Drive Us Toward a Better Economy

The season of US election conventions is upon us. Politicians will issue sentimental proclamations about their faith in America. Meanwhile, from California, we have an object lesson in why that faith has been eroding.

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