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Kodak, Disney, Apple, Dc Comics: Intellectual Property

Eastman Kodak Co. , the bankrupt photography company, was sued by Japan s Kyocera Corp. for allegedly infringing more than a dozen U.S. patents with its printers and digital cameras.

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USPTO grants Kodak a broad facial recognition patent, just in time for its patent auction

Eastman Kodak now has a crown jewel amongst its 7K patent plus portfolio, which the bankrupt firm once known as Big Yellow plans to auction off soon. The whole portfolio is worth upwards of two billion dollars, Kodak says.

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Kodak gets 2013 deadline to reorganize

Eastman Kodak Co. has a little over a year to reshape its money-losing businesses and deliver a get-out-of-bankruptcy plan.

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Kodak realigns, simplifies

ROCHESTER, N.Y. Eastman Kodak Co. said Tuesday it has realigned and simplified its business structure in an effort to cut costs, create shareholder value and accelerate its long-drawn-out digital transformation.

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Fortune Classic: Kodak enters digital age

Every Sunday, Fortune publishes a favorite story from our magazine archives. This week, as Eastman Kodak prepares for a possible bankruptcy filing, we look back as the company that Fortune called “the slow, deliberate master of the photographic industry” prepared for the fast-paced digital age.

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Fitch downgrades debt ratings on Kodak

Fitch Ratings on Wednesday lowered several debt ratings for Eastman Kodak Co., saying the company’s recent draw on its credit line likely signals weaker-than-expected cash flow in the second half of this year.

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Kodak adopts poison pill to keep tax assets

NEW YORK – Eastman Kodak adopted a poison pill on Monday to preserve its tax assets, as it looks to sell its valuable intellectual property portfolio and reduce the tax hit from any gain on that sale. (2 mins ago)

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