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E-commerce Monitoring – Avoid Irreparable Damage to Your Reputation as an Ecommerce Retailer

Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce or ecommerce, has evolved considerably in the last 10 years and customers have become accustomed to the convenience and ease of shopping online whenever the urge takes them. This means, however, that customers expect an Internet site to be available whenever they decide to buy. If the website is not available, then potential customers will simply find a competitor site that is.

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This means that your e-commerce site must be available 24/7/365. Downtime on your site can result in irreparable damage to your reputation as an e-commerce retailer as well as affecting your search engine rankings and overall perception of reliability which, once lost, may be impossible to regain.

A solution to this problem is e-commerce monitoring which is a service that instantly notifies you when your e-commerce site is unavailable, enabling you to take remedial action and restore service as quickly as possible. Imagine a situation where you have spent considerable time and money creating a marketing campaign and launching it only to find that your website has crashed while you slept or that your e-mail server is down preventing your clients from communicating the problem with you. You may also have prepared your site pages for search engine indexing, vital for search engine rankings, only to find that the search engine could not access your site at the required time resulting in loss of critical search ranking.

What is clear is that in such situations only your competitor can benefit, customer’s will not wait for your site to return but simply go the next competitor’s that is available. Even if a website is available, poor performance alone is enough to turn customers to your competition. Being able to intelligently monitor a website’s uptime and performance is, therefore, key.

Today there are various solutions to this problem. You can use a web-based monitoring service to track the performance of your website from a user’s perspective that takes into account all aspects of a user’s experience on your site – particularly its performance even when it is not down. Such services can also track performance from various access points around the globe which is important when you have an international market.

Software solutions are also available that monitor whether your website is available. Whenever a problem is detected they must be able to contact you in a variety of ways: e-mail, SMS message or IM message.

Frequency of monitoring is also an important consideration – if a site is checked only once per hour, for example, this may not detect problems quickly enough. In today’s highly competitive e-commerce market it is necessary to ensure maximum availability of your website and to be notified immediately if any problems occur – today e-commerce monitoring is a necessity to maintain competitiveness.

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