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A Perspective on Verisign's Patent Application on Domain Name Transfers

Disclaimer This view does not represent the views of any of my affiliations nor associations such as the At Large Advisory Committee , Asian Australasian Pacific Regional At Large Organization nor the Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus nor the Pacific Chapter of the Internet Society and is solely my view.

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Lawyers for Repurposed Righthaven Discuss the Spineful? Hosting Idea

January 31, 2012 — Having acquired the domain name of the notoriously litigious Righthaven, the operators of Swiss web hosting company OrtCloud enlisted several notable US copyright and first amendment lawyers in its efforts to create a new hosting business with a spineful? mandate to treat take-down notices and other legal threats with healthy skepticism.

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Namesco spits out phishy warning after credit card info leak

39;Please do not treat this as SPAM' Namesco customers are angry over the domain name and hosting firm's handling of a security breach that exposed the credit card details of some of the domain name and hosting firm's users.?

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The Wayward Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act

The Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act has lost its way. The ACPA was passed in an era of domain name land grabs, where nefarious individuals would register and warehouse oodles of valuable domain names, and then extract ransom from bewildered-trademark owners. (1 day ago)

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