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Musical Show At Rio Ordered To Give Tribute To The Platters

In granting a preliminary injunction, U.S. District Court Judge Miranda Du ruled that the name of a long-running nostalgia musical show at the Rio must be changed due to trademark infringement. What is now The Platters, Cornell Gunter's The Coasters, &

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Judge Declares iOS Tetris Clone Infringing?

A U.S. District Court judge has ruled that an iPhone Tetris clone called Mino is infringing on the copyright of the Tetris Company, which could have repercussions on copycat games elsewhere.

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Proview Rejected Apple’s $16m Offer, Wanted $400m

Yesterday we brought you news that a U.S. District Court judge had rejected Proview’s attempt to bring its trademark infringement battle with Apple to American shores. Now it appears that Apple has made attempts to settle the case and been

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Santa Cruz stethoscope salesman loses 3M suit

A Minnesota District Court judge has ruled that a Santa Cruz man, who has been selling stethoscopes over the Internet for several years, has been infringing on the trademarks and patents of 3M, a company that is more widely known for selling Scotch Tape and Post-it Notes. (5 hours ago)

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