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Google pulls the plug on Google Earth API

Developers making 3D mapping apps may want to start moving away from the present Google Earth API, as Google is withdrawing support for it.

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Lumia Cyan Live for 100 Windows Phone Devices/Operators: All Developer Preview Devices to Get Update in Three Weeks

Microsoft has unleashed the Lumia Cyan update for another batch of devices having Preview for Developers.

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Microsoft offers developer tools for its lonely Office Store

Visual Studio kit for building Office add-ons exits preview Microsoft really wants developers to build apps for the new version of its Office productivity suite both standalone and subscription and to that end it has released a new set of tools for Visual Studio 2012 designed to make it easier to develop, test, and deploy Office add-ons.?

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Warhammer 40K 'Space Marines' in Thick of Trademark Battle

Warhammer 40K developers, Games Workshop, fight for trademark right for term 'space marine'

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Aaron Swartz Funeral Today

Interested in exploring new horizons, possibilities of growth, vision, entrepreneurial spirited directions. We at Developers would like to know, what's on your mind.

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USPTO to Sit Down With Developers and Iron Out Patent System

Are you tired of reading about all the patent litigation from different tech companies being thrown left and right? Don’t you wish someone could actually do something about it so everyone can just move, make new technologies, and give people what they Continue reading

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Developers wanted: Ford launches mobile app API program for Sync

Nine new mobile apps integrate through AppLink’and now yours can. too.

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