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Store owner indicted for selling fake? merchandise

The Department of Justice Task Force on Anti’Intellectual Property Piracy indicted an entrepreur after she was caught allegedly selling counterfeit perfumes in her store two years ago. Assistant State Prosecutor Susan B. Azarcon charged Sheanelle Sy Thay Dy Yaco owner Continue reading

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Mega 101: Everything You Need to Know

An Internet entrepreneur in a legal battle with the U.S. Department of Justice over his file-sharing and cloud storage site is at it again, and this time he says his new website is legal.

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Deputy Assistant Attorney General From Department of Justice Criminal Division Among Speakers at Corporate Counsel's

NEW YORK — ALM's Corporate Counsel today announced plans for its Eighth Annual IP Counsel Forum, to take place March 7-8, at The Hilton San Jose in San Jose, Calif.

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DOJ’s Antitrust Oversight of Microsoft Expires

Microsoft is no longer under a Department of Justice microscope. Oversight from the DOJ in the wake of a high-profile antitrust suit expired Thursday. (17 mins ago)

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Myriad, Aclu Case Hits Higher Court

NEW YORK A US federal circuit court heard oral arguments yesterday from Myriad Genetics, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Department of Justice in a case about gene patenting that could have a wide impact on the genomics and molecular diagnostics business and research fields. (4 hours ago)

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Google asked for more information about ITA acquisition

Search giant Google has acknowledged that it has received what’s called a second request?, which means that the U.S. Department of Justice is asking for more information so that they can continue to review the deal with ITA. (6 mins ago)

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